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Weekend Photos

Messing around with different cameras: one a stereo microscope camera, the other a digital camera with some manual settings.

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DeLong, Diamond and Savage Minds

[cross-posted at Cliopatria] Brad DeLong has been fairly harsh in his response to the Savage Minds bloggers on the subject of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel. I also have problems with the SM bloggers in their reading (or viewing) … Continue reading

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Maybe I had better read more books first. Oh. I thought “sawhorse” meant you were supposed to saw it. Do you smell something burning? Oh, geez, I’m supposed to used scrap wood to keep the cut from pinching. But I … Continue reading

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Two Quick Notes

First, I’ve discovered that John Roberts’ brother-in-law is named Tim Burke. Just so you know, that’s not me. Second, I still have my thumbs. I haven’t even assembled one bookshelf yet, though, let alone two. Let’s just say that my … Continue reading

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You Knew Me When I Had Thumbs

So I’ve been setting up for a while to do some woodworking. Reading a lot, practicing gently a bit, planning. This weekend, I’m hoping to make two bookshelves, which has been the big short-term objective. I want to have some … Continue reading

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Doing the Math

I’m starting to feel weary and gun-shy about political discussions in the public sphere (among bloggers or otherwise). It feels to me that so few people are stopping to take a deep breath, look at issues from several angles, think … Continue reading

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A Thing I’ve Learned About Teaching

One thing I’ve learned about teaching over the years is that in an undergraduate course, it’s usually a mistake to assign the best scholarly works that you otherwise rely on in your field. There’s some exceptions. I teach an upper-level … Continue reading

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Woof, Woof! Zap!

My daughter was intrigued by the ads for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So I decided to strike while the iron’s hot. I haven’t read the book to her yet, (we’re halfway through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) or … Continue reading

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Whoa. Yeah, yeah. Hmm. Yes! No! Whoa.

Or, “My weekend with the new Harry Potter book”. Spoilers abound, so avert your eyes if you want to remain innocent of the plot details. — At the beginning of the book, Rowling appeared to signal that the status quo … Continue reading

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Book Notes: Theory’s Empire

Warning: this is a really, really long post. Continue reading

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