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I Do So Swear

Bitch Ph.D nails the problem with a recently reported study on the relationship between day care and “disruptive behavior”: first, that “disruptive behavior” is (like “antisocial behavior” and a number of other synonymous terms) very much an eye-of-the-beholder category, but … Continue reading

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On the Watchtower

Hey, we have yet to discuss the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, gang. I actually can’t make up my mind. The season had a lot of very weak work in it once the New Caprica storyline was over. Most of … Continue reading

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Compulsive Nitpick

Michael Wines has an article about Zimbabwe in today’s New York Times that is a pretty good analysis of how Mugabe stays in power. He maybe overstates the extent to which portions of the ruling party want to boot the … Continue reading

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More on Free Slave-Holding Phallocratic Fascists Defending Freedom

War Nerd says it way better than I did.

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Free Slave-Holding Phallocrats Defending Freedom From Squirmy Middle Easternesque Drag Queens, or A Meditation on Historical Accuracy

[cross-posted at Cliopatria] If you want to see a Rube Goldberg machine, you could play the game Mouse Trap. Or watch any number of videos available online. Or read Victor Davis Hanson’s appraisal of ‘300’ appearing in the op-ed pages … Continue reading

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Champagne in the Castle

This story has led to the resignation of the head of the Smithsonian. A familiar pattern in both business and public life, but often times these scandals don’t touch the people they really ought to touch. Namely, the people whose … Continue reading

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The Granularity of Respect

There was a surprisingly heated discussion in a meeting I was at today about adding transgendered identities to a list of recognized identities in our anti-discrimination policy. Part of the problem, in my view, was that the document we were … Continue reading

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With Your Words, You Have Treated Me Completely Unfairly

For the ultimate in student complaints about pedagogy, you must read this thread at Acephalous.

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The Problem With the Problem of Zimbabwe

I have some issues with Daniel Davies’ post about Zimbabwe at Crooked Timber (but maybe less of a problem with his post at Aaronovitch Watch on the same subject, if I read it right.) I start by wondering what civil … Continue reading

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Down With W. Up With I.

When I first arrived at Swarthmore, we had a category of classes called PDCs, Primary Distribution Courses. Students were required to take six of them in their first two years here, two in each division. A PDC was supposed to … Continue reading

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