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I Tribulated and All I Got Was This Dumb T-Shirt

Forgive me a brief moment of irreligious kidding. (I’m tempted to not kid and talk about ongoing revelations about the Catholic Church, but I doubt I could stay studiously cool on that topic.) But something that’s occurred to me in … Continue reading

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Release the Kraken!

I have a sneaking feeling that movie critics won’t be that impressed with the remake of Clash of the Titans, coming out this week. Maybe I won’t be, either, given that it has the potential to be a sort of … Continue reading

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My Books, My Selves

Having one of those stretches where it is really hard to get my head above water. Most of the time March and April are like this. One thing I’ve been doing when I have a spare moment is adding books … Continue reading

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There In Spirit

I’ve got a number of meetings at the college today, so I can’t be there myself, but my sister is right now at her confirmation hearing for her appointment to be Director of Operational Energy Plans and Programs at the … Continue reading

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Bad Books and Bad Commentariats

I’m far more deferential to general criticisms of professors than most academics are. At a certain point, however, it’s okay to just squawk about kneejerk anti-intellectualism. So, for example, take this response by Carolyn Kellogg at her LA Times book … Continue reading

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What Color Is Your Leaden Weight?

Strictly in the department of anecdotes-don’t-make-data and a single year doesn’t make a trend, there’s been a slight acceleration in movement in enrollments this year at Swarthmore towards the sciences, particularly chemistry and biology. Reading enrollments anywhere is hard, even … Continue reading

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Teacher Teach Me

Like a lot of other bloggers, I was impressed by Elizabeth Green’s article on teacher training in the most recent NY Times magazine. Green describes some movement towards improving the process of training teachers both before and after they’re on … Continue reading

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That’s So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

In the middle of a New York Times story on corruption in the World Food Program’s aid to Somalia, there’s this gem: “We have to tell these folks that you cannot go on like this — we know what you … Continue reading

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Sacrificing Your Isaacs

Sorry for the long silence. Busy couple of weeks and a stretch where I just felt impossibly fatigued. ———– I’ve been thinking a lot about the politics of budgets, a Gordian knot if there ever was one. Whether we’re talking … Continue reading

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