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Fold ‘Em

I think Wil Wheaton (who has become quite the online renaissance man: his retrospective reviews of Star Trek: The Next Generation are hilarious) is right that recent changes in US law, along with some prominent law enforcement, mean that online … Continue reading

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A Quick Comment on Hillary Clinton

The problem I have with Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate is not that she’s too liberal (or not liberal enough), not her gender, not her association with Bill Clinton, not many of the things that are said for or … Continue reading

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Read It!

This Margaret Soltan take-down of the University of Oregon president is a thing of beauty.

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Scarcity and Consumer Panic

I didn’t bother preordering the World of Warcraft expansion, figuring that there’s going to be a zillion of the things around today. So this morning I stop by the store to pick one up. There’s a couple of guys picking … Continue reading

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That Was the Month That Was

Catching up on some of the things that I failed to comment on in the last month but nevertheless have opinions about. 1) I’m deeply impressed by the report of the MLA’s Task Force on Evaluating Scholarship for Tenure and … Continue reading

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One of the strangest things that people say about wars like Vietnam or Iraq is that they are lost by the meddling of politicians in military decisions, by the intrusion of politics into war, by concern for political outcomes over … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like: Sinbad Movies

One way I think I’ll try to get more pop culture writing into this site is just by talking at odd intervals about pop culture that I enjoy or find interesting. I caught a bit of Sinbad and the Eye … Continue reading

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Snakes. I Love Snakes.

So Belle Waring has a story about copperheads and beheadings and camp counselors getting bit. 1. I was absolutely 100% certain until somewhere around my junior year in high school that I was going to be a herpetologist. I kept … Continue reading

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Update on the Horn of Africa

Just a quick note on this issue. Withywindle (who, judging from many comments made to me at the AHA meeting, has developed a cult following through his comments here) asks if I’ve changed my views based on the last two … Continue reading

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Berube Stops Blogging

I actually knew this was coming through various ultra-secret intelligence sources. I think it’s fair to say now that most blogs have a fairly definite life cycle. Most never really outlast a brief initial burst of enthusiasm, but those that … Continue reading

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