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Mistakes Were Made

There’s been two legal cases in the news lately involving officials and teenagers, and you’ve probably read about both of them. The first involves a young woman who was strip-searched because administrators suspected she had a double-strength ibuprofen concealed in … Continue reading

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Following Up

Some connected capstone thoughts about various debates on the AIG bonuses and related matters: 1. It’s fair to say that I’ve been a bit flip about the continuing market value of expertise within AIG and related businesses which have received … Continue reading

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Dear Jake DeSantis

Dear Mr. DeSantis: Thank you for your heartfelt resignation letter printed today in the New York Times. I would be remiss if I did not reply with a few comments. Since your company is now effectively owned by the government … Continue reading

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Without Vision

A lot of what I have to say in the following post echoes Paul Krugman’s column today. There has been a chorus of tut-tutting in the punditocracy about the furor over the AIG bonuses, with many Very Serious People saying … Continue reading

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Kid Stuff

1) At the Saturday 2nd grader soccer games, there were of course all manner of kids wandering around, exploring the woods and creek near the field while siblings played or waited for their game to start. At one point, my … Continue reading

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Building the Teaching University

Say you’re an ambitious new university president who has just become the head of a large public university. Let’s say for the sake of argument that it is widely conceded in your state that this new university has been underfunded … Continue reading

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Set Course For Reboot, Mr. Sulu

Enough politics! Time for geekery! Yes, the new trailer for Star Trek makes me want to see it. Just the music does! Plus, come on, there’s a call-out to Vasquez Rocks about 3/4 of the way through. I’m with the … Continue reading

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Not Just Promises

I get it. If I’m promised a pony and a rainbow by a politician when he or she is running for office, I shouldn’t expect much more than some horseshit and downpours after the election. I’m an adult. I don’t … Continue reading

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I like Laura’s list of to-do and not-to-do for young women at 11D. In the comments, Western Dave follows from this list to argue that a class like home economics has big and often neglected payoffs for high school students … Continue reading

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Totally Stupid Question

I always tell my students to ask what seem like stupid or naive questions, since they’re often important or profound questions instead. So let me ask a series of dumb questions about subprime mortgages. I understand somewhat the problems that … Continue reading

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