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The Real Jean Valjean

Look, it’s not like you can’t find a heaping load of unjust judicial decisions in any decade of American life you care to name, and like as not, it’s an African-American at the receiving end. Still, the conviction and sentencing … Continue reading

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Wait, Who Has Sinister Connections to Insiders That Influence Their Reporting?

There’s a second story buried inside the story of events in Egypt and Tunisia. It’s the story of how mainstream American journalists find themselves perpetually staring at a magic mirror, telling themselves that they are the fairest of them all. … Continue reading

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Bang for the Buck

One of the most aggravating things about many self-proclaimed Tea Partiers both in and out of political office at the moment is their braying about their budgetary parsimony, their claim of superior attention to keeping the federal budget small and … Continue reading

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Falling Walls, Burning Buildings, Gutting Budgets

I’m in a very James-Scottian mood, torn between excitement and despair, watching the events in Egypt. I fully appreciate the importance of thinking locally about these events and resisting easy attempts to swallow them up in glib narratives. However, I … Continue reading

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Skills, Competencies and Literacies, Oh My

One of the themes that’s come up in strategic planning here is the question of the teaching of skills, competencies, literacies (and related concepts) in our curriculum. I’ve initially been a bit taken aback at the strong discomfort some of … Continue reading

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The Cold Call

We’ve known for a while that my daughter isn’t liking this year at school as much. Yesterday she revealed one of the things that’s bothering her, which is that in her perception the teacher frequently “cold calls” on her during … Continue reading

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Fun Home

As long as I’m talking about parenting, two anecdotes: 1) We teach on the MLK holiday, but I had time to take my no-school-that-day daughter out to lunch. We ended up talking about a bunch of things, but at one … Continue reading

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Smarter Than the Average Bear?

Apparently I’m not alone in not liking Amy Chua, the self-described “Tiger Mom”. If I were a superpowered person from the comic books, she would pretty much be my opposite number. I’m the “Bear Dad”: I hibernate a lot, amble … Continue reading

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Incentives for Faculty

I’ve had a bunch of conversations in the last five years that have turned on the question of what makes new practices or approaches attractive to tenure-track and contingent faculty, if anything. This kind of discussion springs from a deeply … Continue reading

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Blizzard Is CLU

x-posted to Terra Nova I don’t understand why Tron: Legacy has come in for so much critical abuse. I like it as much as my colleague Bob Rehak does. Just taken as an action film, it’s considerably more entertaining and … Continue reading

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