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Do I Really Look Like a Guy With a Plan?

I can’t really let this whole mess go, much as I want to turn my attention to a couple of other issues and ideas that are on my radar screen. Much as I did before the Iraq war started, I’m … Continue reading

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Environmental Studies Capstone: An Early Sketch

Next spring, I’m going to be the faculty coordinator for the Environmental Studies capstone course for seniors completing a minor in the program. The field as a whole is not an area where I’m deeply knowledgeable or do a great … Continue reading

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An Analogy

I mentioned this analogy in my Twitter feed and was asked to explain it in a bit more detail: that Obama’s Presidency is increasingly resembling James Buchanan’s Presidency. Buchanan was the 15th President, holding office just before Abraham Lincoln and … Continue reading

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A Bedtime Story

My own Congressman has a heart-warming analogy on his website about why a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget is our most important national priority right now. Yes, he’s one of those who is against raising the debt ceiling, even … Continue reading

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Technology, Note-Taking and Research Workflow

I was asking about this on Twitter and I’ll ask here, since it was hard to explain in 140 characters. Last summer, I asked for some advice on a couple of kinds of software and got some great suggestions. I’m … Continue reading

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A Crude and Simplifying Metaphor

Russell Arben Fox replies in comments to my rant on the politics of good-enough with a very appropriate challenge: isn’t that project itself something that calls for extraordinarily difficult and challenging kinds of tactical and strategic work, mobilizing and mass … Continue reading

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Towards an Opt-Out Button in Left-Liberal Debates

I’ve recently had a couple of interesting exchanges with valued folks about formal electoral politics and their connection to the question of what progressive politics ought to be in the United States. In terms of the debt ceiling issue in … Continue reading

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Escaping the Maze by Unplanned Routes

I’ve been trying to think of what to say about the “reboot” of DC Comics’ line of published titles that has generated so much talk among comics bloggers and commenters. On one level, purely as a consumer, I’m just kind … Continue reading

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Reform or Schadenfreude? Reading the Fall of the House of Murdoch

Of all the distressing things about this global moment, the most distressing of all is the seeming resignation of national, local and world publics about the parade of woes confronting them. I’m not offering this as the stereotypical complaint of … Continue reading

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Pictures From an Institution 5 (Training)

Another thing that happens in the summer in most colleges and universities is training with new technologies, pedagogies and subjects. Some faculty and staff go elsewhere for one or two week programs, and some programs happen at home. Today I’m … Continue reading

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