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Still Distracted, But Not Here

My online writing goes back to Usenet, early bulletin-boards and the pay service GEnie, but my public identity as an online writer really began a few years after “weblogs” began to appear on the early World Wide Web. I began … Continue reading

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Coming Soon!

Sorry, busy week last week and then I’ve had a cold for three days that’s left my head feeling pretty much stuffed with cotton. I have a bunch of entries being finished up: watch this space!

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Site Note

I’m going on a short business trip shortly, so I’ve once again locked down new user accounts as in the last 24 hours, I’ve had a bunch of spam accounts join up. It’s interesting that this is happening more often … Continue reading

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Housekeeping Notice and Holiday Wishes

While I’m not actively updating for the coming week, I’ve disabled new registrations, as I’ve had my first bout of serious comment spam in the last week. (I gather other WordPress blogs protected by registration systems had the same issues … Continue reading

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Live the Future You Want

I’m not especially fair-minded by nature. I have to struggle against temper, a quick tongue, an instinct to mock. Some of the long-windedness here is my way of guarding against those inclinations, getting myself to inhabit the obligations I’ve set … Continue reading

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How Faculty Committee Assignments Should Be Made

Via Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog

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Amazing New Promotional Strategy

For the recent BBC revival of Dr. Who, Amazon lists (as of 3:45 pm today) the following for the DVD of the 2005 season: “Doctor Who (2005 TV Series) DVD ~ Joe Ahearne Availability: This title will be released on … Continue reading

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