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Mr. Obama’s Neighborhood

Last week, when the participants in the Digital Storytelling workshop began to share their stories, I could see that my plan for a distantly personal account of my own “digital footprint” was going to be badly out of place, as … Continue reading

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“The Vice-President Has Been Reclassified as a Pet”

You won’t get the joke at this link if you don’t play online games like World of Warcraft, but for the initiated, this post is full of win.

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The Right Way to Workshop

One of the things about the Digital Storytelling workshop that I really appreciated was its pedagogical effectiveness. I feel as if I’ll retain some competence with the tools we worked with (primarily Final Cut Express). I know I’m dropping into … Continue reading

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Patrick McGoohan RIP

Patrick McGoohan was one of my family’s favorite actors when I was growing up, and time hasn’t dimmed my affection for his work. (We once planned to stay in Portmerion, where The Prisoner was filmed, and couldn’t because there was … Continue reading

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The Visual Bottleneck

So I finished a short movie on the third day of the Digital Storytelling workshop. I’ve got a number of reactions to the experience, which has been really interesting and useful in a variety of ways. For one, I’m struggling … Continue reading

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Hearing the Self

I’m on my second day of a Digital Storytelling Workshop facilitated by the Center for Digital Storytelling. I’ll have some more things to say about it later on, but one small thing I found interesting was that many participants yesterday … Continue reading

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Throat-Clearing: On Politics

Back in action in the new year. Let me throw out some unusually short or brief comments just to stretch my blogging muscles. 1) Roland Burris. I suppose the first thing with Burris that bugs me is: who would take … Continue reading

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