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Dog Days

House training a dog is a time-consuming hassle, but…

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Drink Drank Drunk

Earlier this week, I happened to catch a segment of Marty Moss-Coane’s Radio Times focusing on the drinking age and the issue of student drinking at universities. The guests were John McCardell, the former Middlebury president who is calling for … Continue reading

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Hey It’s Franklin

I mentioned in my last post that studied moderation isn’t much comfort to me lately. That’s partly because, however it might otherwise appear from this blog, I’m not trying to calculate the distance between the two most extreme positions I … Continue reading

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On the Rebound

I’ve been quickly re-skimming Doris Lessing’s African Laughter, her musings on a number of trips to Zimbabwe after 1980. In 1988, reflecting on a friend’s growing disillusionment with official corruption, Lessing writes, “To be in love with a country or … Continue reading

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McCain Staffer Loses Saving Roll, Fumbles Attack

Sorry, I’ve been travelling and trying to puppy-train our second dog as well. I’ll slowly work back up to regular posting this week. Via BoingBoing, I did notice this rather odd entry at the McCain campaign blog which takes a … Continue reading

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