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The Thing You Must Do

Over at The Edge of the American West, a cautionary tale for those of you being interviewed for academic jobs this season. A basic part of your preparation for any interview should be the preparation of a couple of syllabi … Continue reading

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My A-Z

Bob Rehak tagged me with a fun meme: name a favorite movie for every letter of the alphabet. Adventures of Robin Hood My favorite Errol Flynn title, though my favorite character in it is actually Basil Rathbone’s Guy de Gisborne. … Continue reading

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A Sale of Two Doorstops

Recently, mindful of a long flight home, I went looking to the local bookstore to see if there was anything new that I hadn’t read. I looked at some fantasy titles, but most of them had the kind of blurbs … Continue reading

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Creative Destruction, Destruction of Creativity

Right about now, a lot of North American colleges and universities, rich and poor, public and private, are realizing that the economic foundations of their enterprise have shifted rather dramatically. Historians love to argue and argue about whether there are … Continue reading

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Bruce Wayne Is the Black Glove

Busy week and I’ve been kind of feeling a bit bleak about blogging lately, so excuse the quiet. I think I’m going to completely geek out in my next couple of entries, so if you’re waiting for some African or … Continue reading

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Finding Primary Sources

I wrote up a few notes for my first-year students working on research papers about search strategies to help find primary sources (documents, letters, memoirs, and so on). These notes follow on the students having chosen and refined a topic … Continue reading

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