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The Frenzy

I like the idea of “entrepreneurship” a lot when it describes the compression of several complicated things into one concept or practice. The first would be a structured kind of practical creativity, a purposeful or directed path to having and … Continue reading

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Better Pedagogy, Less Cheating: Three Ideas

So Stuyvesant High turns out to have a cheating problem–or perhaps all selective high schools do? If the high schools do, I’m sure the colleges and universities that receive their graduates do as well. And so in turn do the … Continue reading

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How to Succeed in Regulation Without Really Trying

That government regulation makes as well as hurts businesses is not news to economists and political scientists. Nor is it to politicians, whatever their declared ideology, however dumb they pretend to be in public. Is it news to the American … Continue reading

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Welcome to Academia! Now Get Out!

No aimless wandering in this entry: institutions that invite applications for tenure-track assistant professorships and specify that they only want candidates with very recently minted Ph.Ds (2009, 2010) are behaving abominably. Yeah, you, Colorado State University and you, Harvard. It’s … Continue reading

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Do Liberals and Elites Hate Teachers?

Corey Robin thinks so , and explains liberal disdain towards the Chicago strike as a spill-over of elite belief that teachers are socioeconomic losers doing a job that anyone could do. I think he’s on to something, though in many … Continue reading

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