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Flawless Victory

Well, so much for Tribble. Seriously. Whomever he/she is, I hope there’s at least some reflection going on there in the wake of some really very careful, methodical criticism from, oh, just about every academic blogger in existence. I didn’t … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Tribble

A pseudonymous professor at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest advises academic job candidates not to blog. His remarks are addressed to graduate students and junior professors, but honestly, they apply to anyone who might ever want to … Continue reading

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Have You Ever…

mistyped a word, noticed it a bit later, gone to fix it, mistyped it again, growled at yourself, then mistyped it again when you tried to fix it? This means it’s time to stop working on the book for today.

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The Funny Pages

Ok, seems we have a little consensus here that whether or not bloggers are thin-skinned, Doonesbury isn’t particularly funny or sharply observed any longer and hasn’t been for a while. I can go along with that. So what do you … Continue reading

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Violence and Agency

Caleb McDaniel makes some important observations here and at his own blog, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to respond. These are certainly not the kinds of discussions I had in mind when I asked that we put … Continue reading

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Calibrating the Classroom

I’ve done uncompensated overload teaching in the past and I suspect I’ll do it again in the future. Now I admit I’ve cried “uncle” a few times when my service load and course load have conspired to make my work … Continue reading

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Soldier On

Let’s ignore the fringe elements and sad little people crying out for attention for just one moment. Bloggers, pundits, politicians, just plain folk. Everybody sensible and decent agrees on the basics. That the people who put those bombs in London … Continue reading

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Dog Bites Man, Sun Comes Up…

I was wondering if any bloggers would rise to Garry Trudeau’s bait. No, scratch that. I was sure some would. Sure enough. (found this via 11d) Just as a sort of sideline, I’d say that young right-wingers are in serious … Continue reading

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War News Radio

There’s a really interesting, exciting project here at Swarthmore that I’ve been tangentially involved with (mostly I’ve been passive-aggressively shirking my responsibilities to the group, a skill I have honed to a fine polish). The basic founding idea, from one … Continue reading

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Well, At Least It’s Over

I’ve got an op-ed circulating out there now looking for a home that combines my critique of the new African-American history course in Philadelphia with some politely negative comments on Live 8. My critique of the course really is a … Continue reading

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