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Tenure from a Wide Angle

So I see that the issue of tenure has come up again while I was away. No surprise: it will keep coming up until some stable new institutional norm for academic employment emerges. What is much clearer now than when … Continue reading

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Camp Grenada

Back from our big summer camping trip, this time in Acadia National Park. Fun, but there was a bit of a curse on this particular expedition. First the valve on our mattress broke and we slept on the hard and … Continue reading

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Extension Tutorials?

On a somewhat related topic to the use of customized writing services. I keep getting emails from a Canadian company that is basically trying to sell themselves as short-term research assistants for hire. I’m not terribly impressed with the company’s … Continue reading

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Cheats and the Cheaters That Use Them

To foil cheaters, some universities have adopted an impressive range of new technologies, according to a New York Times story this week. All that stuff looks pretty expensive, especially if it isn’t just a showy pretense designed to fool would-be … Continue reading

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