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Markets and Mules

Williams College has announced a new diversity requirement. There’s nothing especially wrong with the long laundry list of intellectual skills or experiences that now potentially qualify a course to be designated as “exploring diversity”. Under the old system, it just … Continue reading

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Devil in Details

I was just reminded of something I’ve heard several times before. One of the statistics US News and World Report uses for its college rankings is the percentage of alumni who donate to the institution. I assume the rationale for … Continue reading

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Homework: The Argument Clinic Edition

With a child just starting kindergarten, I’ve been engaging in that popular pastime of parents and old fogeys: sitting around with other parents and old fogeys and saying, “Well, in my day, we didn’t have all this new-fangled educational stuff, … Continue reading

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Numbers Games

I’m not going to go over the existing disputes about the methodology or findings of the Lancet study on civilian casualties in Iraq. That’s been done at a great many other blogs. I’d like to instead talk about how I … Continue reading

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It’s a Fair Cop

Norm Geras objects to a recent post of mine, and I think by and large his objections are justified. First, my original entry does something that I really don’t like to see from bloggers, whether it’s directed at me or … Continue reading

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