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On the Clery Act Complaint

I didn’t support the campaign to have fraternities restricted or banned at Swarthmore, largely for reasons I articulated earlier this academic year. I do support the students who’ve filed a Clery Act and Title IX complaint against Swarthmore, and similar … Continue reading

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Scan Here For More Information

We still have a Saturn that we bought brand-new not too long after the company began manufacturing. At 130,000 miles, it’s not exactly going strong, but it’s been a good car. I have to admit that we bought it as … Continue reading

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Outside the Classroom

One of the questions about “ethical pedagogy” that I keep circling around, as long-time readers of this blog know, is what kinds of teaching or engagement faculty should pursue with students beyond formal courses. It is a cliche to say … Continue reading

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By now, I think everyone knows that the new Sim City is a flaming car wreck, the gaming equivalent of Ishtar or Hudson Hawk, the kind of misfire that raises serious questions about its corporate creator and the entire industry. … Continue reading

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