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The University President as Leading Intellectual

From time to time we hear of the glories of a past age when university presidents strode like giants across the land, leading our genteel national discourse on the great issues of our day. First, I think there’s plenty of … Continue reading

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Department of Everything Studies (Expressive Culture Division)

I meant to comment earlier in July on this excellent discussion at the Valve on Mark Bauerlein’s suggestions for specific “conservative voices” to be included in courses of literary theory. Pretty much all the criticisms I had planned to make … Continue reading

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All That Glitters

I have a question. Why does Ron Paul, or by extension any libertarian who finds his political platform congenial, have such a fixation on the gold standard? This is an arena of political and economic thought that I’ve never really … Continue reading

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Schneier and Hawley

Directed from BoingBoing, I’ve been reading the installments of Bruce Schneier’s illuminating interview with TSA head Kip Hawley. I give Hawley some credit for agreeing to do the interview: not that many bureaucrats would agree to this kind of public … Continue reading

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Institutional Cultures and External Missions

I’m generally not drawn to arguments about the discrepancy between a politician’s personal behavior and their public political positions, unless those political positions are already directed at personal or private behavior. If you’re a conservative politician who wants to legislate … Continue reading

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