The University President as Leading Intellectual

From time to time we hear of the glories of a past age when university presidents strode like giants across the land, leading our genteel national discourse on the great issues of our day.

First, I think there’s plenty of recent university and college presidents like Derek Bok who’ve contributed a great deal as intellectual leaders to various discussions and debates in public life.

Second, do we really want university and college presidents to be far more exaggerated and intense in their pursuit of any bully pulpits that come their way? One Leon Botstein is quite enough, thanks very much.

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2 Responses to The University President as Leading Intellectual

  1. A. G. says:

    One Leon Botstein is enough…hilarious. I believe he popped from the womb, like Oskar with his drum, as a college president. Interesting fellow, but…I hear ya.

  2. withywindle says:

    You are tempting me to unkind words about college presidents in my (limited) experience who do not aspire to greatness. They have their virtues–smooth administration, good fundraising skills–but they are rather dispiriting.

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