Resetting Your Password Will Be Easier Than This.

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UPDATED: Protect the Data on Your iDevice (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

There are three easy actions you can take to immensely enhance the data protection capabilities of your “iDevice” and your investment in it.  These are particularly important if you access any College or personal data with your device. 1) Use an alphanumeric passcode iPads and iPhones can actually encrypt the data they contain!  However, to utilize this capability, a passcode has to be set.  Although a four-digit passcode will minimally suffice (there’s software available to easily crack these), the best option is to enable the use of alphanumeric passcodes.  This is done by going into Settings and then selecting General … Continue reading UPDATED: Protect the Data on Your iDevice (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

Java – The Hacker’s Best Friend

Some of you may have heard that a significant security vulnerability was disclosed recently that affects pretty much all versions of Java. Oracle (who now owns Java) seemed to be dragging their feet on providing a fix until they felt some heat from the U.S. Government. A fix was made available today but only for users of Java version 7. Java runs on all operating systems so Mac users are impacted along with PC users.  Note: there won’t be a fix available for Mac users with Snow Leopard or earlier so your best option is to totally disable Java. How … Continue reading Java – The Hacker’s Best Friend

Online Shopping Tips

In time for “cyber Monday”, below is a quick video with some great tips (thanks to the folks at Kaspersky anti-virus) to protect your computer (and yourself) while shopping online this holiday season.  Most of the tips have been covered on this blog before but this is a great refresher. Some of the tips include: – keeping your operating system, anti-virus and browsers up to date with the latest patches/updates – using known, reputable online retailers – it’s better to use a credit card rather than a debit card – if you’re using wireless, make sure it’s secure Stay safe … Continue reading Online Shopping Tips