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Learn More About Tech Security with TechGuard

All of our Faculty and Staff have access to a great new service available at Swarthmore called TechGuard. This is an eLearning platform the provides interactive videos to learn more about cyber security. The topics range from phishing, to protecting mobile devices, and even cyber bullying. There are a mix of videos to gain knowledge about protecting yourself and your devices both at work and at home. You can access TechGuard at and log in using your Swarthmore account. If you are not sure where to start there are some great videos to cover the basics.

Outwitting Internet Phishers is a great place to start to get some reference on how to spot phishing emails and protect yourself from the potential hazards they can create – both here at Swarthmore and at home with your personal accounts.

Protecting Mobile Devices and Data is a great resource for learning more about how your mobile devices connect to other systems and how to make sure they, and any data that exists on them, are protected.

“Internet of Things” & Home Security is a comprehensive video course explaining what “Internet of Things” includes – from desktop computers to smartphones and wearable devices. The course also goes over how to better protect those devices and the networks they are connected to.

All of the these courses have interactive simulations that help you test out your new knowledge and end with a quiz on what you’ve learned. Once you complete a video course you are presented with a certificate that you can print and keep!

TechGuard works best on Windows and Mac machines using Firefox or Chrome web browsers. You may also need to enable pop-ups to allow the videos to play.