Don’t waste time teaching software!

Swarthmore has a site license for Linkedin Learning, a resource for on-line learning across a variety of different software tools, programming languages, business development, DEI, and even time management! What this means is that faculty, staff and students can take … Continue reading Don’t waste time teaching software!

Unlock the power of meaningful links

Most users visually scan links on a page, keyboard users use the tab key to jump from link to link, and screen readers can listen to a list of links on a page. WCAG 2.1 provide guidance for links that emphasize clarity, accessibility, and user-friendliness. They include: Clear and Descriptive Text: Use link text that tells users where the link leads. Ensure link text is distinct from other link text on page. Avoid vague phrases like “click here” or “read more.” Visual Distinction: Links need to look different from regular text so they catch your eye. Keep color perception differences … Continue reading Unlock the power of meaningful links