Adobe Creative Cloud access for remote students

As a result of the campus closure, which means that students do not have access to College provided computers, Adobe has provided temporary at-home access for all Swarthmore students until May 31, 2020. Follow the instructions detailed in this ITS Knowledge Base … Continue reading Adobe Creative Cloud access for remote students

NVDA – Simplified

NVDA from NV Access is a free text to speech tool Microsoft Windows machines. It stands for Non-Visual Desktop Access. It will not work on iOS machines. Many use this tool to listen to content. Here are some simple commands to get you started using NV Access: Note: documentation refers to the NVDA key. The default NVDA key is the insert key. It can be changed to Caps lock when installing NVDA the first time Control + Alt + n to run NVDA NVDA + q to close NVDA Numpad + +to start reading at the top of the page NVDA + down … Continue reading NVDA – Simplified

VoiceOver Simplified

VoiceOver is the screen-reader or text to speech tool that is built into Apple’s operating system. It will not work on the Windows operating system. Many use this tool to listen to email messages, content on websites, etc. Note: when these resources reference the “VO” key, they mean command + option Here are some simple commands to help you get started in using VoiceOver: command + F5 turns VoiceOver on/off tab navigates to an interactive element ctrl + option + right arrow (repeatedly) navigates to the next element ctrl + option + command + h (repeatedly) navigates by headings When … Continue reading VoiceOver Simplified

The Makerspace Springs Forward

It has been quite a year for Swarthmore’s Makerspace. This past Fall, a new manager was hired, and over the winter break we moved from Beardsley Hall to Whittier Hall rooms 109-113, giving us an opportunity to expand our workspace and storage, with higher ceilings and great natural light. Our Open House was a big success, and concerns about drawing enough traffic have been put at ease with the new location buzzing with activity. The move also opened up space in Beardsley for a new Idea Lab, a temporary prototyping space complete with a flight simulator, green screen, VR equipment, … Continue reading The Makerspace Springs Forward

Modify a Style in Word

Did you know that Word has built-in styles for headings, body text, and lists? Using these built-in styles allows you to create consistency in a documents look and feel, and to easily change the entire look of a document. Find Styles in the Ribbon You can find these styles in the “Ribbon”. If you are not sure how to open the ribbon Microsoft has a how-to guide. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to show/hide the Ribbon: Windows Cntrl + F1 Mac Command + Option + R Modify styles – 2 ways From the styles pane Select the item you … Continue reading Modify a Style in Word