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Ten Ridiculously Fun Resources You Can Use to #BeCyberSmart this October and Beyond

Sorry for the clickbait. I know these are always never the most fun things you could be doing. I mean, unless you find this stuff to be scintillating. I’m not judging! Why would I yuck your yum? But being safer … Continue reading Ten Ridiculously Fun Resources You Can Use to #BeCyberSmart this October and Beyond

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Changes by ITS for Fall Term, 2021

Welcome, friends.  We wanted to acknowledge the various ways our lives have been changed by COVID-19, and to share the ways ITS has changed in order to best meet the changing needs of our campus community.   We want to acknowledge … Continue reading Changes by ITS for Fall Term, 2021

Status Report on Friday’s Campus Network Outage

For much of this spring semester ITS staff have been chasing down several issues causing network instability.  One of the causes was failing fiber optic cable which has been located and replaced. We also identified a bug in the network operating system running on some of our core network switches.  We have been working with Juniper engineers (Juniper is the company that manufactures our networking equipment) for several weeks to identify and fix the problem.  This may sound like a lot of time but this is a complicated issue and had to be escalated through Juniper technical support. Last Friday … Continue reading Status Report on Friday’s Campus Network Outage

Internet2 Arrives at Swarthmore

Swarthmore ITS is pleased to announce a major network connection speed upgrade to Internet2, a blazing-fast network designed for research and education that connects schools, labs, and industry partners.  Internet2 allows faculty, staff, and students at Swarthmore to easily share large data files with collaborators at other institutions.  It also provides high speed connections to Internet2 business members such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon Web Services — things you’re probably already using here!  Your campus technologies are already taking advantage of these higher speeds. We have a 1Gbit/s connection. About 40% of our normal Internet traffic now flows … Continue reading Internet2 Arrives at Swarthmore

The Help Desk Top 10

Ever wonder what the folks at the Help Desk answer most often?  Below is our top 10, as well as a copy you can download (PDF) if you’d like. 1. Did your account get locked after hours? Wait a full 30 minutes for your account to unlock on its own before trying again. 2. Did you know that we have online tutorials for free, 24/7/365? Pick a topic, watch a short video: http://bit.ly/itstrainings 3. Have a guest visiting campus? Have them connect to SwatGuest and open a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) for further instructions on how to connect to … Continue reading The Help Desk Top 10