A person pointing at a sign that reads "Cybersecurity is everyone's job. Including yours."

Ten Ridiculously Fun Resources You Can Use to #BeCyberSmart this October and Beyond

Sorry for the clickbait. I know these are always never the most fun things you could be doing. I mean, unless you find this stuff to be scintillating. I’m not judging! Why would I yuck your yum?

But being safer online is so important, and so devastating if you are a victim.

For the past several years, Swarthmore ITS has been a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, joining companies, schools (and districts), colleges, universities, nonprofits, and government entities in incrementally increasing cybersecurity awareness.

During the month of October, our (non-blog-oriented) tweets generally focus on little ways for our students, faculty, and staff to improve their online hygiene.

This October is no different, and we wanted to provide you some ways you can dive right in to making yourself a bit safer online, whether that be at school, at work, at home, or any other places in between.

Start your journey here, and please let us know if you have questions or other resources to share.

  1. Swarthmore ITS’s Security Blog Posts
  2. National Cybersecurity Alliance
  3. National Cybersecurity Alliance’s Event List (many are online)
  4. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Tips List
  5. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Business Blog
  6. CISA Recommendations for Social Networking Sites
  7. CISA’s “Protecting Your Privacy”
  8. Cybersecurity Training Videos for Swarthmore (Faculty and Staff only, Swarthmore login required)
  9. LinkedIn Learning’s “Cybersecurity at Work” (Swarthmore login required)
  10. Remind yourself of the policies and structures in place for Information Security at Swarthmore