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Back To School Sessions

Although it may seem like the beginning of the 2017-2018 year is a long way off, we’ve already been hard at work planning sessions for the Swarthmore College community.  Whether it’s getting acquainted with your new Windows 10 machine (if … Continue reading Back To School Sessions

Disappearing student work (how to avoid)!

As we are all now using Google Drive to store and collect content from students and each other, we’d like to bring to your attention a sometimes overlooked inconvenience… If you have asked students to submit content to you by sharing files from their own Google accounts, or by placing them into folders you provide in your personal Google Drive space, then you may be in danger of losing access to that material once the student’s account is removed from the College’s systems after they graduate! You can tell by looking at the “Owner” listing of any files you’re worried … Continue reading Disappearing student work (how to avoid)!

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Media Services Has New Chromebooks for Student Checkout!

Chromebook laptopMedia Services has new Chromebooks for students to checkout! They now have a limited number of Chromebooks designated for student use on a short term basis. This may be really helpful for someone whose laptop is under repair or needs a laptop on the fly. Continue reading “Media Services Has New Chromebooks for Student Checkout!”

Swarthmore is Going Google!

Starting today and continuing over the next 11 months, we will be transitioning away from Swatfiles (our document repository) and Zimbra (our email application) to Google Apps. The Google Apps suite includes mail, calendar, docs, spreadsheet and presentation applications and allows us to better support collaboration within our community, provides a common platform and works in multiple operating environments (e.g. Apple, Windows, and mobile devices). Feel free to visit to find out more. Continue reading Swarthmore is Going Google!

Eudora Migration Continues

EUDORA MIGRATION CONTINUES During the summer over 170 faculty and staff members have transitioned from Eudora to another email client. Thunderbird is the most popular email client selected. Beginning in October, ITS will be scheduling a time to migrate current Eudora users. We understand that changing e-mail software can be inconvenient so please consider the following options: you can switch to another e-mail program (apple mail or outlook), or you can follow our recommendation to migrate to Thunderbird. We are happy to assist you with the process now or when it is convenient for you during the next few months. … Continue reading Eudora Migration Continues