Importing your J-Term 2021 Course into your Calendar

Did you know that you can add your J-Term class sessions to your Google Calendar automatically? ITS built a tool to search for and download iCal files for the current semester.

Here’s how to download and import your course’s iCal file.

  1. Head over to the course search tool at
  2. Begin searching for your course’s name.
  3. Click on your course to download its iCal file. It will be downloaded as an .ics file.
  4. Head over to and log in.
  5. Click on the (cog) icon in the main app bar , then click settings.
  6. Click on Import & Export from the left-side menu.
  7. Click on Select file from my computer and double-click on the downloaded .ics file once prompted.

Your course is now imported into your calendar! 🎉

For any issues with this tool, please submit an issue on GitHub here.