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The State of the Art: 500px and Flickr as a Window Into Social Media (I)

I’ve been exploring Flickr and 500px a lot over the last month, partly as a way of sharpening my own growing interest in photography and visuality. Both sites, however, are also fantastic case studies of the evolving character of social … Continue reading

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What Won’t Change (II)

Progressives, conservatives, independents, libertarians, the disgustedly disengaged: whatever your political affiliation, you need to stop waiting for a Presidential (or Congressional) election to bring you closure. The day after, everyone you hate and fear politically is right here, just waiting … Continue reading

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What Won’t Change (I)

Whatever happens in the U.S. elections tomorrow, two fundamental things will not change. First, the national security policy of the United States is unlikely to change in any systematic or meaningful ways, meaning both the approach of the government towards … Continue reading

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The Whole World In Your Hands

My least favorite genre of online discourse, whether it’s on Facebook or email, is the hortatory appeal. Sometimes this comes before a petition or request for donation. More often, coming from the liberals and progressives who make up the majority … Continue reading

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A Month of Blogging, Ten Years On

So as often happens with this blog, I get busy and other things occupy my attention. It’s all there in the title, folks. What also happens is I store up a lot of things I want to talk about in … Continue reading

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