I joke that when they’re presented with two or more diametrically opposed ways of interpreting knowledge or evidence, Swarthmore students habitually say, “Both are right, to some degree”. But who am I to talk? That’s my schtick too.

So in this spirit: is this the Year of the Fire Pig? Or the much rarer Year of the Golden Pig?

Here’s what I think: it’s the Year of the Golden Pig On Fire.

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3 Responses to Compromise

  1. ADM says:

    Fire Pig, I think. It has to do with elemental variations. I’m a Water Tiger.

  2. Timothy Burke says:

    I’m a Wood Dragon (and I’ve always found the description it provides of my character to be pretty consistent and accurate). But isn’t there a Metal element in the cycle? I took that to be how some people are coming up with the Golden Pig thing.

  3. There is a metal element in the cycle — which is traditionally read as “gold” though that’s not the original alchemical intent — but it doesn’t coincide with the Pig until 2031.

    The five elements, if you’re curious, are fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Mix those with the twelve year zodiac and you have the 60 year cycle.

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