Only At Swarthmore

A new round of chalkings, in subtle and clever reply to the last two rounds.

Seen already this morning:

“Free the quarks!”
“The marginalia I wrote were not for you, they were Fermat.”
“K/S forever!”

I guess I could add, “Helo does it with his toaster!”

I’m kind of pinned down by my schedule on Mondays, so feel free to add any others observed.

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9 Responses to Only At Swarthmore

  1. Amanda says:

    The one that cracked me up first thing this morning outside McCabe: “Your tour guide edits Wikipedia!”

  2. Miles says:

    “Boys will frag boys.”
    “Some people dual boot”
    “Question natural sunlight” (one I particularly enjoyed)
    A giant katana and sheath is drawn in front of Sharples.

  3. lstokes says:

    “Don’t assume I use Windows and I won’t assume you’re a n00b.”
    “10% is not enough! Recruit, recruit, recruit! Firefox!”

    I particularly liked the ones written in direct response to Coming Out chalkings:
    “I don’t have to respond to oppression in a productive way.”
    “Windows will always come with solitaire.”

    “I don’t have to explain myself.”
    “N3|7h3R |)0 \/\/3!!!one!!”

  4. Timothy Burke says:

    There’s also the picture of the paramecium on one side of Parrish that’s obviously intended to invoke the vagina picture of last week.

  5. CMarko says:

    I’m really enjoying the new chalkings, although I should point out that this is as much a part of “free speech kabuki” as last week’s chalkings were. I think this is the second year that SWIL and SCCS have gotten together to do these (calling it “Geek Staying In Week”). That is to say, it’s not a totally spontaneous response.
    However, I think this year’s geek chalkings are a sharper parody than last year’s. The paramecium is particularly good.
    More chalkings: there’s a drawing of Trogdor behind Parrish, and there are “Han shot first” messages in at least two places.

  6. LRS says:

    Professor, I don’t know if you would be interested in glancing at this (or have the time to be interested!), but there is fairly thoughtful discussion among students happening in paragraphs, not slogans, on a Facebook group:

    P.S. “Windows will always come with solitaire” has been cracking me up all day.

  7. David Chudzicki says:

    “I sniff packets in promiscuous mode.”

  8. MWeinberg says:

    Miles – sheath in Latin is vagina, to parody the drawing outside Sharples last week.

    “Your tour guide is a trekkie,”
    a “gerundive safe space” sign outside of Trotter.
    and, while I haven’t seen it, there were plans for “The chain reaction wasn’t for you, it was Fermi.”

  9. julie says:

    former Swarthmore student (and SQU co-pres) here, who was just reminded by Cynthia (former Bryn Mawr student) that I should check out your post about the chalkings. I stopped reading your blog accidentally back when it didn’t have an RSS feed, and now I’m going to start again! great comments (the previous ones), but mostly

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