Good Job

I was glad to see that Swarthmore College’s president, Alfred Bloom, signed a letter from liberal arts colleges pushing for federal requirements for open-access publishing of federally-funded research. Now all the presidents signing that letter just need to take the next step: pushing for their own faculties to give preference to some form of open-access dissemination of journal articles regardless of whether the research involved was underwritten by federal funding.

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2 Responses to Good Job

  1. Ivory says:

    We have this for some sciences – the public library of science. What I really wish is that they would make copyright shorter though. 70 years is too long – I think things should pass into public domain after 30-50 years.

  2. skyfaller says:

    w00t! Free Culture Swarthmore needs to trumpet this as a victory, and do whatever it can to follow up on it. I’ll remind them next time I talk to them 😉

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