David Horowitz Has a New Friend

Now guess who wants to get all those liberals with their political bias out of the universities?

The President of Iran.

You could change the names and this would sound like a press release from Horowitz or ACTA.

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4 Responses to David Horowitz Has a New Friend

  1. Endie says:

    Horowitz spams me. Being an innocent European type, I had to look up who he was when he started sending me begging letters with twelve links to his donation site. There is no unsubscribe option and the reply-to mailbox is full.

    I suppose everyone else here knew he was really unpleasant already but I had to find out for myself. I’m moderately right-of-centre by UK standards, but it’s like getting the educational supplement of Der Sturmer in my mailbox.

    As for Mr Ahmadinnerjacket, I presume that this is all a subtle play in his imminentization of the eschaton. The hidden Imam, presumably, won’t come out to play until the secularists are removed.

  2. Timothy Burke says:

    Naw, it just shows that when extremists need a convenient target, professors always come to mind. Not the least because it gives extremist political causes a place to stash some of their hired intellectual guns. Patronage keeps a movement alive, at least for a while.

  3. rc21 says:

    I think that the extremists would be quite happy with most of our college professors. They seem to have much in common.

  4. Sdorn says:

    I’ll admit I’ve been riffing on the Erin O’Connor entry. I am neither a joke writer nor a linguist, but I think I did a fairly decent job of parsing this tonight.

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