Welcome MakerSpace Manager Russell Prigodich

We’ve created a short video to introduce MakerSpace Manager Russell Prigodich. In this video Russell describes the Makerspace Manager position, his background in art and design, some of the tools and resources that are available in the Woodshop/Makerspace, and the exciting paths we hope to … Continue reading Welcome MakerSpace Manager Russell Prigodich

Diversity is Normal

Accessibility in electronic communication has a legal definition.  It is really long, detailed and a little tedious but is something we need to pay attention to.  For myself and many others, accessibility is mostly about the varying degrees of learning differences that exist and educating ourselves about how to support and include those differences in an educational environment.  It is about making a decision to reduce barriers, to increase user friendliness and ease of access, and how to best engage with others in a way that supports as many learning styles as we can.  It is definitely not about reducing … Continue reading Diversity is Normal