Animating Characters with a Webcam and Microphone

Creative Cloud becomes more user-friendly with each release. One of the most exciting additions in 2017 is a beta product called “Character Animator.” Before you read on, let this video speak for itself. Character Animator allows digital artists to bring still drawings to life … Continue reading Animating Characters with a Webcam and Microphone

Media Center Introduces Streamlined Poster Printing

If you’ve ever printed a large format poster at the Media Center, we hope you’ve found the process to be fairly straightforward. If not, you’ll be happy to learn we’re introducing some user-friendly changes for the Fall of ’17. The three most common programs for poster design are Adobe InDesign (our strong recommendation) Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Slides. Any of those applications can send a job to our large format printer. In the past this has involved plugging in multiple settings to ensure color fidelity, proper orientation, and page size. With nearly 100 color profiles, five printer options, and a different … Continue reading Media Center Introduces Streamlined Poster Printing

Language Center Hosts Gaming Day Study Break

Come take a study break and let off steam at the 2017 Language and Media Center Gaming Day Event! This year the LMC will transform into a gaming den with a large collection of gaming emulators and consoles and a large screen dance and music game! We’ll also have a screen set up to play Jak3, a personal favorite game of Sam Jenkins. So how do I participate?No need to sign-up! Drop in anytime between 10-3PM on Tuesday, May 2nd in Kohlberg 326 (3rd floor). What if I want to bring a game? There will be plenty of space in … Continue reading Language Center Hosts Gaming Day Study Break

Media Center Hiring Student Consultants!

The Media Center is now hiring student consultants for the Fall 2017 academic year. Consultants provide support for students, faculty and staff who visit the media center, offering expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, image scanning, audio recording, and large-format printing. Media Center consultants should enjoy the creative process, and possess an interest in storytelling, video editing, photography, audio production, graphic design, or animation. Above all, consultants should be enthusiastic teachers, excited to share their skills with peers – whether explaining the technical aspects of an Adobe program, offering a critical eye to a friend in need of design advice, or leading a workshop on photo editing. Being tech-savvy is a must, and … Continue reading Media Center Hiring Student Consultants!

Best Visual Effects (on campus)

If you watched the Oscars on Sunday night, you’ll know The Jungle Book took home Best Visual Effects (see link for two behind the scenes videos on the film’s creation). What you may not know is that some of the same technologies used by those Hollywood artists are available in Swarthmore’s own Media Center. Before you get carried away and show up asking for help with your next animated feature, it’s important to remember that major film work requires a sound stage, some proprietary technology, and a large team of visual artists. While we can’t claim to be a satellite office for Disney Studios, we do encourage folks to stop by … Continue reading Best Visual Effects (on campus)