A masked protester holding a cardboard sign which reads "We can do better!" Photo taken by Jason Hargrove

Inclusive Resources for Being Better at Life

We can learn to be better, but we have to choose to do so.

The number of incremental changes we could make on any given day is large, but it can certainly be overwhelming to try and make them all at once. This post is here to encourage you to find small actions to take that make things just a little bit better in the world.

But why? I am doing fine! I am a nice person and I mean well almost all the time!

Because when we commit to making meaningful change for other people, we set an example of how to treat others, and in turn, help to demonstrate ways we can open ourselves up to being helped.

But what if I don’t see the benefit right away? What if people don’t thank me for what I did?

The point of this is not instantaneous gratification. The point of this is not to garner praise or to have something to report in your communication channels. It is to build habits and feedback loops that reinforce positive changes in the way you approach life and the people in it.

Okay, I am in. Where do I start?

Pick any or all of these to get started in educating yourself to think differently.