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Another Way for Mr. Lincoln

The old mantra on the American right used to be that “conservatives have ideas”. I think even when that might have been said by conservatives with some degree of authentic confidence, it wasn’t always a statement about ideas, it was … Continue reading

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Artist Bleg

I’m looking for an example of a well-known visual artist who did a lot of black-and-white drawings with charcoal, pastels, or pencil-and-ink whose work was heavily tonal rather than involving a lot of line. This is for the life drawing … Continue reading

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On the Rebound

I’ve been quickly re-skimming Doris Lessing’s African Laughter, her musings on a number of trips to Zimbabwe after 1980. In 1988, reflecting on a friend’s growing disillusionment with official corruption, Lessing writes, “To be in love with a country or … Continue reading

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The Garden of Earthly Delights

June’s arrived, which usually means that I’ve accomplished about as much as I can hope to with my garden for the year, except maintenance and any non-planting work I want to do. When we moved in to our current home, … Continue reading

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Gustatus Similus Pullus

You never know if you’re getting punk’d by a story on April Fool’s Day, but assuming this story about secret military units and their patches is on the level, there’s some interesting metacultural content to many of the patches. The … Continue reading

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One-A-Day: David Weinberger, Everything is Miscellaneous

Cory Doctorow makes a lot of sales to me through his recommendations on Boing Boing. He tends to have an eye for things that I at least think I’m interested in. Sometimes, though, I feel a bit let down, feeling … Continue reading

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“A Blog Post”

Margaret Soltan has a nice post on the overuse of quotation marks, including a pointer to a website dedicated to stomping out this phenomenon. I wouldn’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, though. When I think about … Continue reading

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Institutional Cultures and External Missions

I’m generally not drawn to arguments about the discrepancy between a politician’s personal behavior and their public political positions, unless those political positions are already directed at personal or private behavior. If you’re a conservative politician who wants to legislate … Continue reading

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Laugher Curve

Brad de Long and Kieran Healy are discussing a plot representing something about corporate taxes that’s in the Wall Street Journal. Brad even draws what he thinks is a better plot. I’ve made an even better one, and I’m not … Continue reading

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Misery Poker: At Least a Full Boat, Maybe Quads

April really is the cruellest month in the academic calendar, but this year, I am pretty much at the outer limits of my ability to cope with the flood of things that need doing. Some of those are self-made catastrophes … Continue reading

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