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Tomato Tomatoe

I’ve got a steady flow of tomatoes from the garden now, though I’ve lost a few to blossom-end rot this year, I think because it’s been so hot and relatively dry. So far I’ve made a spicy wine-and-tomato sauce with … Continue reading

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From Gourmet to the Daily Gazette

I was reminded for the first time in years of the existence of Gourmet magazine a few weeks ago when a foodie colleague of mine started talking about some recipes she’d made from it recently. I used to subscribe to … Continue reading

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The Tournament of Lunches Begins!

We have some summer family projects: learning to ride a bike and such. One of the projects is to find some good lunches to take to school next year. So I designed a bracket-based Tournament of Lunches for this summer–I’ll … Continue reading

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I like Laura’s list of to-do and not-to-do for young women at 11D. In the comments, Western Dave follows from this list to argue that a class like home economics has big and often neglected payoffs for high school students … Continue reading

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The Manufacture of Culture

You know, we worry too much about the Punch-and-Judy show of political blogging, not to mention the quiet, relatively cobwebbed corner of the Internet occupied by self-declared academic blogs. If you want a look at what blogs are really for, … Continue reading

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Must remember to take my medicine tonight.

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I Want a Plush Doll of Anton Ego

I’ve seen very few of the big films this summer. For some reason, they all turn me off, even when I liked previous films in the franchise. Ratatouille, on the other hand, is fantastic. Whatever Brad Bird wants to make … Continue reading

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Back South

Back from a long stay in Vermont. This is the first time as a family that we’ve rented a house for a long-term vacation. We’ve been thinking about trying to find a place to go in the summers for three … Continue reading

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Cool Pizza!

There was a brief item in the NY Times food section this week about Waldy Malouf’s new pizza joint in Chelsea. Sounds fantastic: the two toppings they mentioned in the article were: 1) Braised lamb, roasted lemon 2) Arugula, garlic, … Continue reading

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It’s a Good Good (Bad Bad) World

A quick thought that I may try to rework more thoroughly later. Boulette’s Larder pleased me partially because the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food influences there were so deep and so obviously the product of thorough study and understanding. The … Continue reading

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