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Kid Stuff

1) At the Saturday 2nd grader soccer games, there were of course all manner of kids wandering around, exploring the woods and creek near the field while siblings played or waited for their game to start. At one point, my … Continue reading

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I like Laura’s list of to-do and not-to-do for young women at 11D. In the comments, Western Dave follows from this list to argue that a class like home economics has big and often neglected payoffs for high school students … Continue reading

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From the Gut

If you like, you can read my long intellectualized response to the struggle over intellectuals and culture below. I also have a much more visceral, personal response to the kind of anti-intellectual populism that’s been more visibly present in American … Continue reading

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Dog Days

House training a dog is a time-consuming hassle, but…

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Must remember to take my medicine tonight.

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The Garden of Earthly Delights

June’s arrived, which usually means that I’ve accomplished about as much as I can hope to with my garden for the year, except maintenance and any non-planting work I want to do. When we moved in to our current home, … Continue reading

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Grubeus Shagrid, At Your Service

Low-energy day today: I spent a good part of yesterday playing the part of Shagrid, distant cousin to Hagrid of Harry Potter fame, convening an American expansion of the famous Hogwarts School. This was the consequence of my daughter’s request … Continue reading

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Footnote From the Peanut Gallery

Regarding violence, media and childhood. My daughter’s comment about the first day of art camp, in which it was revealed that the theme for this summer’s creative work would be “peace”: “Peace is boring”.

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Wild Things

So apparently you don’t have to go to rural Vermont to see some interesting animals. In late May, we heard the absolutely blood-curdling vocalization of an animal of some kind prowling around in our front yard late at night. I … Continue reading

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Back South

Back from a long stay in Vermont. This is the first time as a family that we’ve rented a house for a long-term vacation. We’ve been thinking about trying to find a place to go in the summers for three … Continue reading

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