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“The Child Repents and Is Forgiven”

I occasionally out myself here at this blog, on Facebook or at Swarthmore as having a fairly encyclopedic knowledge about mainstream superhero comics, like a few other academics, but I’ve been much less inclined to make even a limited foray … Continue reading

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Raise the Barn/Autopsy the Corpse

A more detailed thinking-through of the case of Sweet Briar, and a proposal. Five places to start a dissection of Sweet Briar College and the decision of its Board to close the school: Laura McKenna, “The Unfortunate Fate of Sweet … Continue reading

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#Save Sweet Briar

The more I read about the decision to shut down Sweet Briar College, the less sense it makes to me. Essentially, when I look at Sweet Briar, I see the following: 1) A physical plant, a faculty and a staff … Continue reading

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Where There’s Smoke

My main problem with Laura Kipnis’ much-discussed essay “Sexual Paranoia” is the excluded middle it outlines. Practicioners of dialectic modes of argument often claim that this approach is necessary in order to locate and recommend that middle. It’s the “Untouchables” … Continue reading

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Practice What We Preach?

I’ve been reworking an essay on the concept of “liberal arts” this week. One of the major issues I’m trying to think about is the relatively weak match between what many liberal arts faculty frequently say about the lifelong advantages … Continue reading

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The People Perish

The trouble with Hilary Clinton’s email is not Hilary Clinton’s email. The trouble is that the Democratic Party is apparently committed beyond recall to nominating an individual to be President whose entire strategic vision is: a) I’m owed. It’s my … Continue reading

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