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From the Archives

Working on a new project, first time I’ve been in a Presidential library archive (LBJ’s in this case). Always fun. Really fell in love with the summaries from weekly intelligence briefings on the Congo during the 1960s. Around 1964, they’re … Continue reading

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Discharging Responsibilities

Luke Mogelson’s excellent New York Times Magazine profile of emergency medicine in Afghanistan is in some ways an exercise in indirection. At first, it looks like it’s going to be entirely an admiring profile of the admirable Italian NGO Emergency … Continue reading

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Crashing the Pity Party

If you’re genuinely interested in a critique of Black Studies (or similarly constructed interdisciplinary or identity-based programs of study), don’t give into the temptation of making a martyr out of a blogger whose real mistake was a lack of intellectual … Continue reading

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Thank you to the Chronicle.

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One Eyeball More

To Mark Bauerlein: 1. Bauerlein can’t even bring himself to say, “Hey, it’s not cool to attack dissertations you haven’t read in a field that you preemptively deem uninteresting about subjects that you aggressively maintain could never be of any … Continue reading

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The Shameless Style

When people feel no shame, watch out. Any cultural or political system that depends on participants living up to minimal commitments for quality, integrity, or diligence where there are no consequences besides embarassment for outright discarding those commitments can thrive … Continue reading

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