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Literacy Quizzes (Again)

There is probably no point whatsoever to a critique of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s civics literacy quiz (via 11d), but hope springs eternal, I guess. First off, my generic criticisms of these kinds of historic or social-science literacy quizzes. Usually, … Continue reading

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The Work of Cultural Capital

This entry about the Ramey study on family time at 11d got me thinking. Laura, citing David Brooks and Tara Parker-Pope, observes that a shift towards parents spending much more time with their children doesn’t seem to have any downside. … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why The World Is Better Because of the Internet

Cash Gordon Chatroulette in Ben Folds concert (via 11d) Hark a Vagrant Wikileaks ——— One of the things that drives me nuts about the stalwart defenders of old media and their closed-shop underpinnings is an unwillingness to concede that online … Continue reading

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What To Do When Unfogged Is Down

Regarding the Great Greenwald vs. Kerr vs. Ferrell Crooked Timber dustup of April 1st, ok, I’ll bite. Rich Pulchalsky snarks at me enough in the comments, after all. Besides, what the hell, Unfogged is down anyway, so I might as … Continue reading

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Evaluation Across the Disciplines

One perspective that I’ve occasionally heard from colleagues that makes me grit my teeth, that I have very little patience for, is that it is so difficult to evaluate the quality of work in other disciplines or judge their comparative … Continue reading

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