There In Spirit

I’ve got a number of meetings at the college today, so I can’t be there myself, but my sister is right now at her confirmation hearing for her appointment to be Director of Operational Energy Plans and Programs at the Department of Defense. Watching the webcast right now: Carl Levin just introduced her a moment ago. Sounds like one of her fellow appointees is going to get some hassles from Senator McCain. Very proud!

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  1. abochman says:

    Fans of Easily,

    I noticed the link to the DOD Energy Blog for info on Sharon Burke’s nomination. Today I posted on the testimony process went, with quotes from the Q&A and a link to the video archive of the proceedings. You can her in action here:

    BTW – IMHO she did great.

  2. Not only do you have a sister, but she has a blog. Why am I not surprised. (I, on the other hand, have enough blogs for my whole extended family)

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