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Course Zero

There’s an interesting article at Inside Higher Education about the new breed of peer-to-peer style sites for collecting student notes and course materials, officially for the purposes of providing study aids. In reality, at least some of the sites in … Continue reading

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One Man’s Moose

There was a sort of mini-meme earlier this month circulating around left and liberal blogs, a response in a thread at satirizing conservative hostility to government by calling attention to all the high-quality services provided by government that we … Continue reading

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Effect Size (Again)

Deirdre McCloskey’s great little pamphlet The Secret Sins of Economics, which you can read in expanded form in her books The Cult of Statistical Significance and If You’re So Smart, argues that one of the two “secret sins” mentioned in … Continue reading

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Student Blogging as Transparency and Education

There’s an interesting piece in the NY Times today about colleges that encourage student blogging as a method of disseminating information about the culture of campus life to prospective students and other outsiders. MIT, unsurprisingly, is the institution with the … Continue reading

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The Rules of the Game

Someone asked me in email last week what I thought of James O’Keefe’s video expose of ACORN, specifically whether I thought it was unfair or distorted because O’Keefe wasn’t showing all of the videos where ACORN staff didn’t rise to … Continue reading

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I Had to Burn the Park to the Ground to Clean It

So my daughter and I were playing Scribblenauts for the first time last night. Based on our experience, I think it’s one of those rare digital games that people who don’t often play or like games will like. (As well … Continue reading

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