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One of Ours to Hospital, One of Theirs to Morgue?

The usual fratricidal conversations between Democrats, liberals, and so on are now in full swing, as one faction argues that the right answer to Republican mudslinging is to answer every dirty, trivializing, nonsense charge with an equally dirty, trivializing response. … Continue reading

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From the Gut

If you like, you can read my long intellectualized response to the struggle over intellectuals and culture below. I also have a much more visceral, personal response to the kind of anti-intellectual populism that’s been more visibly present in American … Continue reading

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Horn of Africa Redux

Matthew Yglesias has a polite “I told you so” up regarding the current situation in Somalia and Ethiopia. I’ll have one of what he’s having, bartender.

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The Why of Culture War

One of the arguments I understand Rick Perlstein to be making in Nixonland is that American political life has been increasingly shaped by a public culture war since the 1960s because that was the distinctive political response crafted by Nixon … Continue reading

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Spore Needs More (and Less)

Will Wright’s The Sims is the best-selling digital game of all time, and probably one of the games most disliked by people who play a lot of digital games. Wright’s new game Spore seems to be producing a very similarly … Continue reading

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At Last

Ok, so “Hare We Go” is not on DVD. But. Finally. Disney is releasing a DVD edition of The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. Easily my favorite thing ever on the Wonderful World of Disney when I was a kid. Speaking … Continue reading

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It’s a-Flat Like Your Head

When I first taught my course The Production of History at Swarthmore, I wanted to show the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Hare We Go”, in which Bugs Bunny helps and then antagonizes Christopher Columbus on his first voyage. I was thinking … Continue reading

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Impulse Control

What does matter about Palin? What it tells you about McCain. Here I’m echoing an emerging consensus, but I think it’s basically right on. First, there are reports appearing now that McCain himself, as well as Lindsay Graham, had been … Continue reading

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A Small Thought on Palin

Leaving aside any of her merits and demerits as a candidate for the office of Vice-President, I’d say that opponents of the McCain ticket would be wise to steer a million miles clear of her daughter’s pregnancy, as Obama already … Continue reading

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St.Paul or Beijing?

One thing that has become a tiresome part of major American conventions and gatherings that have some expected controversial dimension is the extent to which many municipal, county or state governments subcontract out some portion of their police force to … Continue reading

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