I Can’t Campaign! I’m Too Busy Running For President!

McCain is declining to debate because he’s too busy solving urgent problems, imagining himself as the already-president. This is like Walter Mitty refusing to go to work because he’s too busy doing emergency-room surgery.

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5 Responses to I Can’t Campaign! I’m Too Busy Running For President!

  1. As dana pointed out, it’s a little “The cat ate my homework.”

    Maybe he could send Palin, instead? Biden’d be happy to stand in for Obama, I’m sure…..

  2. Sdorn says:

    There are two possibilities that I can imagine here:

    1) McCain truly made a completely impromptu decision without thinking things through, which scares me quite a bit. “Oh, there’s no longer a country called Czechoslovakia to invade? Let’s try Brazil instead!” (Incidentally, the infamous press conference with the nonexisting-country reference also had a bit on Freddie and Fannie: http://thepage.time.com/transcript-of-mccains-remarks-to-the-press-in-phoenix/)

    2) The stop-campaigning-for-a-few-days gambit is an excuse to pull ads off the airwaves without too much attention, because there’s something seriously screwy with the campaign’s finances and they’re saving the dough for a final-weekend blitz.

  3. andrew says:

    This is like Walter Mitty

    Maybe McCain thinks he’s in the catbird seat.

  4. Doug says:

    Alan Keyes is still running for president. He’s probably available.

  5. Timothy Burke says:

    And he has experience debating Obama! Great point!

    He certainly wouldn’t sound that much more batshit crazy than McCain/Palin has sounded lately.

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