Buy Early, Buy Often

If ever a webcomic deserved stunning marketplace success through the mass purchase of a book edition, it’s this one. I have been annoying everyone at our house with frequent laughter. My daughter is also annoyed that she cannot look at it as the cover seems to promise child-friendly frolics inside.

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6 Responses to Buy Early, Buy Often

  1. cgbrooke says:

    I just got my copy from Amazon, and couldn’t agree more. I’ve gotten into the habit in the last couple of years of going ahead and buying book editions of some of my favorite webcomics–seems like the least I can do to support sites like PBF…


  2. jpool says:

    I like it the butterflies.
    You might also enjoy Cyrptozoa by Androo Robinson. Not as Gahan Wilson-y but still really good.

  3. ben wolfson says:

    I disagree. The answer is A Lesson Is Learned but the Damage Is Irreversible, sadly on a (lengthy) hiatus. Consider.

  4. Timothy Burke says:

    Wow. I hadn’t seen that one, Ben. The art in it is beautiful. Thanks.

  5. Neb Namwen says:

    I’m torn about PBF — on the one hand, a lot of it is awesome. On the other hand, a lot of it kinda squicks me, both in the “ew, gross” way and in the deeper “finding this amusing makes me unclean” way. I think I can deal with that when it’s awesome, but the few that are squicky but not awesome (from my point of view) keep me from becoming a regular reader.

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