BTW on Mass Effect

I really am looking forward to playing Mass Effect, especially now that the word on some other big releases this month is mixed. (However: Super Mario Galaxy? Exceptionally fun. One of the best multiplayer set-ups I’ve seen. More to come on that soon.)

However, during the theatrical showing of BSG: Razor, they showed a promo film that’s an interview with Seth Green, who does voiceover work for the game. He doesn’t exactly convey tremendous enthusiasm for the whole thing, but it gets especially fun near the end, where he all but says, “It’s a great thing for those of you who like sitting on your ass for hours with a videogame. Losers.” Memo to self: do not promote my media product via an interview with Seth Green.

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4 Responses to BTW on Mass Effect

  1. Green’s been steadily eroding a lot of my nerdy good-will since Buffy. Case in point is the intermittently amusing but frequently homophobic and mean-spirited Robot Chicken.

  2. JasonII says:

    Mass Effect looks interesting. If you’re into fps’s go with Call of Duty 4, a fantastic game. Both single and multiplayer are the best I’ve played on a console.

  3. Neb Namwen says:

    So, vaguely on topic, I’ve been procrastinating everything by downloading lots of shareware games, and I came across one you might find intriguingly genre-crossing: Once Upon a Time is a fairy-tale themed, first-person combat capture-the-flag (er, princess) game which is rather board-game-like in terms of the simplicity and balance of its scenario.

  4. Bob Rehak says:

    I’ll have to wait on Mass Effect until I get some holiday cash and permission from the missus to buy more games. I will say, however, that I am loving Portal, Beautiful Katamari, and — starting last night — Halo 3, which shore is purty.

    I agree, BTW, that Seth Green’s promotion of Mass Effect was cringe-inducing (god save us from actors opining about the method work they have to do to get inside the skin of an NPC, or describing the character they play as “the best pilot in the galaxy — but with an in-your-face attitude!”). But cut the guy some slack; he’s at the nexus of powerful converging forces of technology, commerce, and corporate branding. I’m sure I’ll sound like an idiot when Microsoft and Bungie tap me to do the voice of the irascible cyborg parrot in “Star Pirates XII: The Battening.”

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