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Why Does the Martian Manhunter Suck?

I have to take a break here from the war-related posts: they are getting a bit heavy, I’m sounding too much like a caricature of some think-tank armchair general. Over at Comics Should Be Good, Bill Reed asks why the … Continue reading

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War Aims

Continuing still further on some of these questions. If the answer to the question, “What is the declared aim of the United States in Iraq?” is, “The establishment of a stable liberal democracy”, that’s not a sufficient answer. Because it … Continue reading

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Phillippines, Malaysia, South Africa: A Full Disclosure Approach to Historical Analogy

To keep a conversation rolling along on a single major point, I want to look at the claim that the history of counter-insurgency in South Africa, the Phillipines and Malaysia supports the tactical and strategic conduct of the current Iraq … Continue reading

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Age of Janus

I’m trying to keep a clear head about the current political news from a number of directions, and that sometimes keeps me from dumping a quick rant in this space and hitting the post button. However, I also think that … Continue reading

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Laugher Curve

Brad de Long and Kieran Healy are discussing a plot representing something about corporate taxes that’s in the Wall Street Journal. Brad even draws what he thinks is a better plot. I’ve made an even better one, and I’m not … Continue reading

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Henry Farrell pointed out this week that Facebook seemed to have hit a point of phase transition somewhere in the last couple of months, broadening rapidly beyond undergraduate and graduate students. I created a page this last autumn when I … Continue reading

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Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home

Since the beginning of summer, I’ve been occasionally stopping by various local retailers and asking if they have a Wii in stock. Nope, nope, nope. I’m not going to go chasing the thing like Ahab after the white whale, nor … Continue reading

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I Want a Plush Doll of Anton Ego

I’ve seen very few of the big films this summer. For some reason, they all turn me off, even when I liked previous films in the franchise. Ratatouille, on the other hand, is fantastic. Whatever Brad Bird wants to make … Continue reading

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Footnote From the Peanut Gallery

Regarding violence, media and childhood. My daughter’s comment about the first day of art camp, in which it was revealed that the theme for this summer’s creative work would be “peace”: “Peace is boring”.

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Sex and Violence

An interesting response to my comments on Schechter’s book at Withywindle’s blog makes me think a bit more about the representation of violence in mass culture. Withywindle suggests that there is a difference between violence for violence’s sake and violence … Continue reading

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