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It’s Not the Size, It’s What You Do With It

Endowments, that is. Large endowments for universities and colleges are not in and of themselves a problem or an embarassment, nor should institutions with large endowments hesitate to try and increase the size of their endowment still further both through … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Mince Words

The US Senate is being “tough” on Gonzalez, but it comes down to this: either Gonzalez or Comey is lying. They need to ask him straight up: are you calling Comey a liar? No more of this postmodern “you have … Continue reading

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Harry Potter as Complex Event

I’m editing a long section of my manuscript that argues for seeing European colonialism in Africa, and specifically indirect rule, as an emergent, complex-system kind of institution. There are some really overt explanatory and causal arguments that come with this … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Harry

Harry Reid will really lose any semblance of enthusiastic support from me if he can’t muster the good sense to get out of the RIAA’s pocket. The Democrats have got to get clear on this point in general. You can’t … Continue reading

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Look With Care at the Shape of the Square

I’m reading David Christian’s Maps of Time, which I’ll probably comment on more extensively here soon. One small point that caught my attention while reading, however. Christian claims at one point, without a specific attributed sourcing, that sedentary and early … Continue reading

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Go Ahead and Talk

Further discussion of Harry Potter in the comments. Don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers. Good reading about the book at Russell Arben Fox’s blog and Unfogged. Any mysteries, oddities, etc. you want cleared up? Let’s work on that, … Continue reading

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Most Annoying?

Well, Swarthmore’s in the running for Gawker’s most annoying liberal arts college. I agree with one commenter, though. How the HELL did Dartmouth not get on this list? Outrageous. Also, in the interest of political balance, St. John’s should totally … Continue reading

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Liveblogging Harry Potter (No Major or Direct Spoilers)

Creepy. Plus: he’s bad! Please, Rowling, you aren’t going to do something that cliched are you? The eye had better not be what I think it is. Hey, he’s kind of nice for once. Sort of sweet. Wow, big action … Continue reading

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I’m consistently in favor of academics adapting their conversation and rhetoric to the discourse of a wider public, of rejoining many general conversations. On the other hand, if we don’t know more than everyone else about certain kinds of issues, … Continue reading

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And Then There’s This

Which actually makes me feel again the appreciation for William F. Buckley that I’ve felt from time to time. Norman Podhoretz, on the other hand…

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