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Easily Distracted The Movie Version

A group of game scholars I know has been playing a lot with this fun little tool. It seemed to me to be too fun to restrict to in-jokes about World of Warcraft. So without further ado, the Bollywood version … Continue reading

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Squirrel in the Hole!

So. I am seeing considerable debate out there about whether or not building catapult traps for squirrels is ethically appropriate. I’m all for them. I used to keep a bird feeder at a previous house and worked hard to try … Continue reading

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Search as Alchemy

I’m still digesting the one-day meeting I participated in last week on The Future of Bibliographic Control. I’ve got a couple of follow-up thoughts coming from my presentation there. It was a very interesting meeting to be at as an … Continue reading

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If Presidential Perjury Worried You, If You Followed Investigations Into Whitewater Intently…

Then I assume you’re far more concerned about the far more systematic and dangerous abuse of executive power by the current administration. Whether Lewis Libby is a fall guy or not, whether there’s a grey area in terms of his … Continue reading

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Site Note

I’m going on a short business trip shortly, so I’ve once again locked down new user accounts as in the last 24 hours, I’ve had a bunch of spam accounts join up. It’s interesting that this is happening more often … Continue reading

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A Tapeworm on the Body Academic

If you want an example of the dangers of proposing seemingly mild or modest forms of government oversight over the everyday practices of scholars, Institutional Review Boards provide it. I’ve been a part of discussions in a number of contexts … Continue reading

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