I direct your attention to this report on bias in Pennsylvania universities and colleges.

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4 Responses to A-hem.

  1. withywindle says:

    One wants more details then the article provides.

  2. Timothy Burke says:

    Sure, fair enough. Just saying, you know?

  3. Sorry, Tim, but I don’t share your pleasure at this result. It looks to me like — in spite of refusing to implement state-wide standards — they’ve created a clear set of state-wide standards for individual institutions to “voluntarily” meet, which are precisely the kinds of standards and mechanisms you’d create if there were serious problems. So both sides get to claim vindication, but in the long run, one side really did win.

  4. Timothy Burke says:

    At least some of those are standards that notionally, on paper, most institutions already have voluntaristic commitment to meeting.

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