Hugo Chavez disses Superman and Batman.

I know I’d rather watch Batman Begins again than read Hegemony or Survival one more time.

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  1. King of No Pants says:

    Well, sure, Batman Begins is a given. But what about Superman Returns? I think that’s where we get into shades of grey.

  2. King of No Pants says:

    Of course, one area that’s completely black and white is my utter inability to employ BBCode correctly.

  3. Timothy Burke says:

    HTML all the way, man. I shall fix it for you.

  4. Timothy Burke says:

    BTW, I had ambivalent feelings about Superman Returns. Part of it is that I didn’t like the source material all that much except for General Zod in the second film, who I love.

    But goddamnit, when some foreigner tells me to stop watching so many damn comic book movies and start reading more amurica-hatin’ commies, that’s when I reach for my keyboard.

  5. King of No Pants says:

    Many thanks for the HTML save! I, too, feel an overwhelming urge to kneel before Zod. If you’re a fan, I think your choice in the 2008 elections is pretty clear:


  6. Timothy Burke says:

    Why do you say these things to me when you know I will kill you for it?

    Zod! Zod! Zod!

  7. joeo says:

    As of 6:10 PM PST Hegemony or Survival is ranked number 2; batman begins is ranked 1,767.

  8. Timothy Burke says:

    Madre de dios! Noam owes Hugo a big kiss if he meets him. (Not the least because Hugo is under the impression that Noam is already dead.)

  9. eb says:

    “To conquer hegemony you must become hegemony.”

  10. King of No Pants says:

    eb, is that Chomsky or Zod?

  11. eb says:

    It’s a modified quotation from this page.

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